NFT-Based Unreal Engine Racing Game on the Solana Blockchain


Head over to the car wash now to clean that dirt and patina right off! It’ll not only add a sparkle, car wash ticket, but it’ll also increase the rarity! 

Where did we come from? Why are we doing this?

Our goal in building BitWhips isn’t to create a cheeky one-off animal collection. We want to bring industry-changing and engaging utilities at the core level of ownership to benefit everyone as our project unfolds!

The passion for cars is in every single one of us. Whether you grew up with a family wagon or your pops had a wicked ‘Vette, there’s a car for all of us. BitWhips can explore each vehicle model’s unique style and attributes related to that respective culture.

BitWhips will be an Unreal Engine racing game with an ever-growing blockchain marketplace. You’ll be able to time attack the mythical Smokey’s Run to beat community high scores or PvP for Pinks!by live-racing with others.

A new player has entered the race…

series 2 tree fiddy


Universal Technical Institute

Our goal with BitWhips is to create a collection that gives back to the auto community. To do this, we want to empower our youth or even help those looking for retraining. So with BitWhips, we’re going to be giving one collector the opportunity (if applied) for a full-ride scholarship to Universal Technical Institute.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
— Lao Tzu

Project Car Gifts — 10 SOL!

Once the series is complete, we will be giving away up to 50 “Project Car Gifts” valued at 10 SOL! We want to give back to those who have done their part in relisting their NFTs, in hopes we can help throw those new rims on your whip in real life.

Carbon Offset

Climate change is a huge issue in every aspect of our lives: from the cars we drive, the food we eat, to the NFTs we’re buying on the blockchain. Thankfully, we’re operating on the Solana blockchain, providing us with the most efficient NFT production. We will be purchasing enough carbon offsets per series to cover up to 15 ETHEREUM-BASED COLLECTIONS! These carbon offsets will be the first in the NFT space to ensure we’re doing our best to keep the community’s emissions down.

Floor Buyback

To encourage relisting of each series, we want to give back by purchasing TWO NFTs per day for 10 days at the floor price, up to 5 SOL.

All of these will be randomly generated and done live, either on our Discord or Twitch for full transparency!

Presales & Whitelists

1,000 Presale Spots Open for SERIES 1!
Before each coming series, we’ll be holding giveaways for presale spots and whitelist opportunities.


Q1 2022

We'll get our merch live as soon as possible, bringing you some seriously clean gear to wear out and about. From head to toe, we'll have something that you'll love. Our goal is to integrate a way to allow you to purchase items with your BitWhip on it!

Q2 2022
Customizable Cars

We'll be developing a merger platform that will allow you to piece together your perfect BitWhip. This will enable you to select two NFTs and select the traits to keep, burning the previous ones and creating a new one on chain. Not only will this give unique NFTs increased rarity, but it causes the original series to be deflationary.


Series 1


Minting Amount: 3,333 — Minting Price: 1 SOL
Inspired by our favorite car that is no more, the Landevo proved itself as a true milestone in many ways. A must-have in our series, the Landevo‘s well-regarded performances certainly matched its striking appearance. MINTING JAN. 7, 2022. 

Series 2


Minting Amount: 2,222 — Minting Price 1 SOL
With our partnership with Chris Gaines, one of the top automotive content creators, we’re bringing you one of the most requested whips! The glorious TreeFiddy!

Series 3


Minting Amount: TBA — Minting Price TBA
International heavyweight champion of the rally, the TwentyTwoBee is one of the most limited and iconic rally cars to date.

Series 4


Minting Amount: TBA — Minting Price TBA
Can’t you hear that stu-stu-stu? No car collection would be complete without The MarkFour. One of the classics for any modern collection, the MarkFour is one you’ll want in your wallet.

Series 5


Minting Amount: TBA — Minting Price TBA
Used for delivering pizza on old mountain passes. Beeps more than 100 mph. Definitely different.

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Smokey's Run

Unreal Engine Racing Game

Q4 2021
Level Design

We're currently developing an initial "car meet" zone concept for the community's BitWhips! Our goal is to create environmental aesthetics to set the vibe for the game to come.

Q2 2022
Wallet Integration

We will be connecting the Unreal Engine to the Solana blockchain, giving you the ability to connect your wallet and load your BitWhip.

Q2 2022
Metaverse Car Meet "Whip Fest"

To connect the community in its infant stages, we're going to create a metaverse "car meet." This will enable the community to come together virtually and share their collection!

Q1-2 2022
Physics Development

Given that this is one of the more technical pieces to work on, we will start this process in early 2022, but we aim to have a drivable BitWhip by Q2 2022.

Q3 2022
Downhill Level

This is where you'll be able to attack the touge or beat the clock on our high-intensity downhill course! We aim to have a drivable BitWhip course by Q3 2022.

Q4 2022
Multiplayer Platform

For the first stages of multiplayer use, we want to enable real-time races down Smokey's Run. From there, we'll develop multiplayer queues for PvP racing.

Q4 2022
Garage Staking

We'll be releasing Garage NFT Series, allowing you to level up your in-game garage over time! Go from a busted one-car to a 10-car lift warehouse.

Q4 2022
PVP Racing

Giving you that opportunity to put your honed skills on the line, we'll be bringing head-to-head time attacks down Smokey's Run. Wage your tokens, pinks or pride on the downhill.

For More Info, Visit Our Whitepaper


Create a MetaMask account here and load yourself up with some Ethereum. Once you’re ready, and the countdown timer is finished, press buy as fast as you can!

Not only are you obtaining an awesome Series 1 Collectible, you’re helping support the automotive community! We’re covering education or training for people’s futures, but we’re rewarding our supporters with Project Car Gifts!

November 9 at 12:00 (PST)! Stay informed by visiting our Discord!

BitWhips Team



Co-Founder / Brand Developer

With more than a decade in graphic design and brand development, I’ve been part of every process in building BitWhips. Bringing a lifetime of gaming and online experience, I’m eager to develop an NFT with actual utility, great community returns and an amazing game.


Cazz Lorde

Co-Founder / Producer / Creative Lead / Car Aficionado

I love cars and crypto, so BitWhips feels like home to me. Currently, I work for Nissan as an Express Lube Technician, where I spend a lot of hands-on time with cars of every make and model. I find a lot of inspiration for BitWhips at my job.



Lead Blockchain & Web3 Developer / Discord Coordinator

From script kiddie, game modder, to full-stack developer, I’ve taken up development with BitWhips to break into the ever-growing crypto space, and I couldn’t be more excited to make this possible for everyone!


Nhan Pham

Content Editor-in-Chief

I am an Asian guy who is bad at math, but I enjoy reading and writing. Haiku lover. I edit and produce written content for BitWhips.

Fully Audited & Doxxed Team Through

BitWhips is not officially affiliated with any automotive company. Any resemblance to real-life vehicles in our depicted cars found on our website, NFTs, images, videos, game footage or other promotional material is purely coincidental.